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  1. Wow, Scott! Your blog is the greatest! I mean, like, it totally rawks! You are, like, totally my hero. I named my daughter Scott. And then my other daughter, too. Just last night, I accidentally called my girlfriend Scott and I gotta say, it felt good. You wanna get together for a beer sometime?

    Your #1 fan.

  2. lol you are a nut!! Love it though keep it up, I’m bookmarking it.

  3. Hey man, I’m looking forward to reading this as you continue to update it. Good start!

    But dude, you can’t write in your guestbook anymore. 😉

  4. Great blog Scott – really fun to read. I’m gonna come back and check out the visions page when I have more time.

    Stay cool

  5. u are indeed the best on planet earth!!

  6. I did not know you could write like this, hun! I love the way your site looks. Maybe you could teach me how to get my own blog? kram from an ex-expat..

  7. Hey Scott! Nice site! So, do you feel as if you are un-American now? I don’t know if i could give up my citizenship but I definitely could love overseas..always fond of Italy and Australia is nice too…

  8. Your take on los Estados Unidos is right on. I completely agree. What I don’ t agree is that there is some very good coffee in Hotlanta. Aurora in Virginia Highlands for one.

    Billy Hank de Bacelona

  9. Scott!! Just checking out your blog, adding the RSS feeds.

  10. Seriously Sam,
    I love your writing! It is so captivating. Have you ever thought of writing professionally? Looking forward to reading more of your fantastic stuff..

  11. you are going to need to add a music category!

  12. Scott – you weren’t nearly as funny in high school… It seems that two years in Swedish-winter-isolation Hell has served you well. 🙂


    PS Sam?

  13. Like I stated earlier… I really enjoy your blog. I know it took sometime to put together, but it looks like it paid off. I might considering doing one myself one day.

  14. Wow man.
    This is some far-out shit right there.
    You an I – we like – we like yeah!

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